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Platinum Fuel Tabs and Diesel Boost are a seamless way to improve fuel economy  and prolong the life of your engine.  Simply drop a fuel tablet into your fuel tank and the tabs do the rest. With rising household fuel budgets, these fuel tabs may result in reducing the money you spend on fuel all the while helping the environment. 

Platinum Fuel Pills come in 5 or 10 tab packets for convenience and are great for everyday commuters, travelers in RVs, automobiles and marine water crafts. 

Diesel Boost ( liquid form) is recommended for larger tanks (20-plus gallons). 2 ounces of the liquid treats up to 32 gallons.

Bulk orders are available for those interested in large scale fuel saving as well as doing their part to help the environment.  Look for Platinum Fuel Tabs in your local retail outlets and if they don't carry our fuel tabs ask them to contact us.
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              May Lower fuel costs and Engine Maintenance Costs, While Prolonging

The Investment Life Of Your Engine

One Tab At A Time!