Platinum Marketing Group LLC

How It Works

Impurities in petroleum-based fuels create carbon deposits that form on the surfaces of combuston chambers, and will not allow normal engine operating temperatures. These deposits are topic of concern for us: 1. Carbon deposits are what cause fuel mileage economy to drop over the cycle of the vehicle. 2.  Carbon deposits are what cause you to have to use higher octane fuels, and are the primary cause of automotive emission that harm our environment.  

As a catalyst, Platinum Fuel Tabs and Platinum Diesel Boost lowers the Energy of Activation Rate, which allows the carbon deposits to burn off at temperatures as low as 220ºC , opposed to 600ºC of most vehicles.This chemical reaction allows the impurities to completely combust with the fuel.

Please note: Platinum Fuel Additives are formulated for safe use in gas and diesel engines.


The sustained use of Platinum Fuel Additives will greatly reduce harmful exhaust and emissions, resulting in less Sulfur Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen Oxide in the environment! Each gallon of diesel produces 10.336KG or 22.786 lbs of CO2 emissions as stated by the International Carbon Bank and Exchange (


The use of Platinum Fuel Additives in your fleet will result in fuel that burns more completely and eventually result in the reduction of harmful engine deposits as well as prevent new deposits from building up.  This ultimately leads to lower emissions of CO, SOx, and NOx, and may lead to better fuel mileage, and better performance with lower maintenance.


We invite all municipalities and fleet services managers to engage us in the use of these products as a tool in the global fight for cleaner emissions and a healthier environment.